AWS Lambda Solutions

Powering Your Integrations with AWS Lambda

Big Compass uses AWS Lambda to power your integrations. We love AWS Lambda for it's scalability, low cost, and flexibility.

Whether you are coding in NodeJS or Java on Lambda, we can help you quickly stand up your microservices layer using AWS best practices, reusable integration patterns, and with the expertise and know-how to solve common blind spots that many implementations bump into with AWS Lambda. Best of all, we love to implement a great SDLC and DevOps processes so that when you can innovate quickly and deploy code easily.


AWS Lambda Expertise

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Traffic Bursts

Integration diversity is only increasing. Big Compass seamlessly implements AWS Lambda function to handle large traffic bursts.

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Data Movement

Data movement is a common integration need. Our AWS Lambda experts can implement custom solutions to move data from anywhere to anywhere.

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Augment Legacy System

Let the Big Compass experts implement a hybrid strategy to extend the life of your current system using AWS Lambda.

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Sporadic Workloads

We leverage AWS Lambda to absorb the most diverse workloads at low cost by scaling up and down seamlessly.

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